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4 Social Marketing Trends For 2014

We tend to hear quite a bit these days about the different ways in which technology is altering business. Indeed, everything from improvements in...
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“An hour with Kathie Nelson at a local coffee shop, evaluating the marketing and promotion efforts of my small business, and, let me tell, you…it was like sauntering through a field of gold nuggets. I gathered more valuable, practical, and immediately-actionable advice in that 60 minutes, than I have from the last six-months of reading the “best-sellers” of marketing and promotion. Kathie’s advice produces immediate, and recognizable value. If you want your business to grow, listen to Kathie!”
Perry P. Perkins,, Executive Chef & Menu Designer

Perry P. Perkins

“The benefits of meeting with Kathie for Executive Coaching began with the initial session. Her professional approach mixes the practical with the insightful. She asks great questions that keep the conversation focused on real needs, important goals, and self awareness. I find myself looking at situations differently after we meet, and that has often had the greatest impact.”  Greg Giersch, Sr. Strategist, Center for Sales Strategy

Greg Giersch


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